Hi, I'm Denis

Denis Komlev

Also I am PHP programmer and website developer based in Moscow.

My first website I created in 2001, when I was 16. It was few simple HTML pages written in Dreamweaver just for fun. Then from time to time I continued creating plain websites for myself and my friends, however, most of the time I was interested in Pascal programming...

...Until 2006, when I got my first commercial web development project. It was more complicated than I thought, so I got bunch of headaches. But by digging deeper into web technology, I learned many cool things. It was my starting point when I decided to become a professional web developer.

Nowadays I have built dozens (likely hundreds) of websites and web applications, whether if it was created using content management system like WordPress, or coded from scratch with PHP/MySQL, or powered by some of PHP frameworks.

As an individual freelancer, I specialize in creating small and middle websites using MODx and WordPress content management systems. Though, I'm always open for any proposal even if you need something special.

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