Big update for Event Reminder

My project didn't get updates for long time, and now it deserved award for its patience. Few days ago I released the global update that completely transforms app logic and structure.

My primary goal was to get rid of the confusing event format and present all events regardless their type in one logical view with unified editing interface. Furthermore, with the existing format was too problematic for work on new features and updates because of excessively complex architecture.

That's why I held up any work on new features until the project is recreated with the new approach. Finally, the new version is up and running.

Event list

The dashboard got fully new look. Now this is the only view and it contains all events sorted by the next occurrence date. For fast navigation the dashboard contains instant search function.

Event logic was dramatically changed. No more event types: now events are driven by set of rules. This approach allows to set up compound occurrence date and combine all options in one interface.

Event edit form

Another key improvement is mobile optimization. Now the service can work with any screen resolution. All interface become more intuitive (well, I hope so). The old toolbar is removed as it is not needed anymore, as well as excess views like "latest added events" to focus only on main events list.

Hopefully you will like the renewed Event Reminder as much as I do :)

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