Event Reminder is online service designed to send automatic email notifications about upcoming events such as birthdays, meetings, monthly payments - everything what you wouldn't like to forget. So, it allows to set up a reminder with few clicks and not afraid to miss important events anymore.

The service is created to be as simple as possible. It has following features:

  • Extremely easy registration process - you'll be asked only for email address and password.
  • Set up fixed date, annual, monthly, weekly, daily events as well as configure custom set of occurrence dates.
  • Clear and simple interface without bunch of advertising and excess stuff.
  • Try without signup.
  • It's completely free.

This is a PHP class designed for making the commonly used image manipulations in your code to be extremely easy. The class helps to implement resize and crop operations and supports JPG, GIF and PNG formats with keeping of the transparency.

The features include:

  • Resizing with or without keeping of the original proportions;
  • Resizing based on only one known side (width, height, long or short sides);
  • Preventing the upscaling of the image;
  • Cropping the canvas;
  • Resizing to fit the canvas size;
  • Preserving transparency for GIF and PNG images;
  • Saving the result as JPG, GIF or PNG format.

This snippet allows you easily resize and crop JPG, GIF and PNG images using my ImageResize PHP class. In general, it is just a shell for that class, but its main feature is that all resized image copies are stored in cache and will not be recreated each time the snippet is called. In addition, if the original image is changed or replaced by another image with same file name, the snippet will detect it and recreate the cached copy.

This little and useful service allows you to create safe message that will be self destruct right after accessing it. So, if you need safely send someone your secret information, then instead of passing it directly by email or skype, you may send only a link generated especially for your message. Being visited, the message is permanently deleted and the link is no valid anymore. For additional security, the service allows to specify a password.